Michael Kors Handbags

Michael Kors handbags are flying off of the shelves of stores from New York to Milan and the man behind the brand has been an innovator in the industry for years now. An influential American fashion designer like Michael Kors doesn't come around every day and at the relatively young age of 50 (50th birthday was August 9th, 1959) the only predictable part of Kors career is that he will be wildly successful for years to come.

Breaking into the highly competitive world of luxury handbags is no simple task considering the long standing dominance that the industry's top players have. Every season an increasing number of designers try to swim with the sharks that rule the high end fashion sea and every season they almost all certainly sink. Despite the reputation of being such a cut throat business Michael Kors, a native New Yorker, has found innovative ways to continue to keep his brand hot and in the spotlight.

Perhaps the most notable promotional technique Kors has employed is his use of alternative media to further broaden his consumer base and get the word out about his products to an increasingly larger audience. The dilemma that most mature companies run into is the issue of growth and how to maintain a consistent level of growth that satisfies investors while at the same time maintains the core values and principles that made the brand a success in the first place.

Mr. Kors has been a judge on the Emmy nominated show Project Runway which has successfully run for five seasons on Bravo with a much anticipated sixth season airing on Lifetime this Fall. Participating in a popular reality show may not be at the top of the list of something most established celebrities want to do (save for Donald Trump) but Michael Kors has embraced it and channeled the shows popularity into a great way to promote handbags by Michael Kors, fragrances, and various apparel brands. In an effort to tap deeper into his core audiences psyches Mr. Kor has also re-branded himself as a columnist by contributing to Harper's Bazaar, a well known American fashion magazine. During the short time that he's been a contributor there he's already penned insightful celebrity interview pieces.

Despite being relatively young for a hugely successful international designer (50 years old) Kors grew up in a very different fashion world than the one that we now experience in the twenty-first century. In a less connected world without cell phones, instant messages, or any internet at all Michael Kors launched his first line in 1981 at the tender age of 21. Like any accomplished professional he has adapted his business practices over time as evident in his previously discussed role in the hit reality show Project Runway. Some of the younger readers to this page may not even remember a world that didn't include reality television. Of course the evolution didn't just begin with reality TV, nor will consistently morphing with the latest businesses trends end anytime soon. Understanding the impact that the internet has on our world and the role it will continue to play throughout history has inspired promoting and selling Michael Kors handbags online to become a focal point for his business model going forward.

The rules of shopping have changed. People don't spend money on purses the way the did in Michael Kor's youth. Without a doubt there are still hordes of consumers (especially many women) that truly enjoy the experience of shopping and that market segment will never go away. However, every year there is an increasing amount of handbag purchases that are done online that in a bygone era would have been done in department stores and boutique shops.

Michael Kors truly seems to have the Midas touch and as unpredictable as the future will be there is a certain amount of confidence involved in hitching your wagon to Michael Kors businesses as they all seem to turn to gold.